Work Packages

WP1. Management and Coordination Project

WP1 aims at keeping the project within the agreed time, budgetary and quality constraints, by establishing a sound management system that aligns the partnership towards achieving the project’s objectives. The Consortium Agreement governs relations between partners, the Project Handbook illustrates the road map, reporting documents at regular intervals will describe the technical and financial evolution of the project, while communication and decisions will be depicted in meeting agendas and minutes.

WP2 - Awareness raising activities and identification of key stakeholders participants

The WP2 objective is to promote the project, its activities and outcomes to the target groups (400 TCN - 100TCN in each partner’s country - and 400 representatives of employers, technical chambers and/or NGOs dealing with integration of TCN in labor market and VET providers to participate in the project’s activities). The target groups are those who wish to participate in the project’s activities, namely In2C training package (WP4), In2C platform and e-toolbox (WP5) and In2C skills online assessment tool (WP6). In total, approximately 1.000 people are estimated to participate in WP2, disseminating the project, through various activities, targeting both TCN and employers, to relevant stakeholders in the partner countries. The communication tools that will be used include In2C website and Facebook page, distribution of posters and brochures, as well as, press releases and newsletters.

WP3 - Identification of good practices, labor market needs and barriers in construction sector

In this WP we will exploit partner’s past experience in projects aiming at developing innovative tools, methods and techniques to facilitate integration of TCN in labor market, along with experience in the enhancement of skills/competence for migrants and TCN through training courses and curricula focused on specific sectors. Our rationale is to use this knowledge in order to identify practices that proved themselves useful, but also the most common barriers that TCN face in their integration in labor market. A field research will be conducted in each participating country. The comparative analysis of these surveys will equip us with the baseline knowledge for our work in subsequent technical development WPs.

WP4 - In2C Training Package for TCN

The objective of this WP is to offer an integrated training package for TCN willing to work in the construction sector, including all basic host country language knowledge and development of skills that will render them capable of managing communication and information in their working environment. Useful information that the training material will be consisted of, includes terminology glossary, technical vocabulary, health and safety regulations and labor legislation. The training curricula will be based on both text and visual material. A number of key actors (e.g., employers, engineers, construction industry etc.) will assess the training package and provide their feedback.

WP5 – In2C E-platform / E-tools

This work package aims to develop an e-platform including e-tools. The e-platform is based on the idea that knowledge should be disseminated and shared freely through web-based functions/internet for the benefit of stakeholders, with the minimum needed restrictions regarding the use of resources. Two multilingual applications (for terminology glossary and technical vocabulary) will be available. The In2C platform will host an e-library, a database of books, methodologies, reference materials and bibliography. 100 TCN per country will pilot test the platform and applications, leading to an overall (four countries wide) platform assessment.

WP6 – In2C Skills Online Assessment Tool (SOnAT)

SOnAT is the tool that will be developed, in the framework of WP6, to identify TCN’ existing skills and any needs for upskilling, to allow their progress, towards higher qualifications aligned to labor market needs. A certificate will be issued with the score and it can be uploaded in their EU Skills Profile tool for TCN. SOnAT will be accompanied with a user’s guide, while the same pool of 100 TCN per country will participate in its pilot certification.

WP7 – Mobilising employers to actively promote TCN integration in their workforce

WP7 is the stage of creating the appropriate network and communication model, based on the target groups’ needs, that will allow interaction between employers and TCN. In2C tools and their usefulness will be made known to employers. An employer network and a virtual network/communication platform which aims to match TCN with employers in construction sector will be created. All activities will be promoted and disseminated in a concrete way organizing a number of events and workshops. The activities will conclude with the organization of a European conference showcasing In2C toolkit.